From mine to consumer


The magic of bespoke is that no one talks about their products as well as the person who created them. Give you access to sound information andwhole is a priority. We want a close relationship. How to be closer to so many people than by being available in two clicks on the internet or directly at the store. This almost intimate relationship allows rich exchanges, informed choices, and a positive relationship. Admittedly, making beautiful jewelry has a cost, but by reinventing their method of sale, we could significantly lower prices without cutting corners on quality.

Our prices are low only thanks to the elimination of intermediaries. We don't do magic or cheating. We simply dispense with unnecessary services. So you save margins of 30% to 40%, the calculation is quickly done. At a minimum, we divide the price by two for a product that would come out of another workshop. The definition of prices is therefore very simple: suppose 100% for the raw material (metal & stone), 100% for the workshop and 40% to 50% for taxes for the state. We never do low cost. We simply have a modern margin structure and economical operation.