We have a passion about gemstones and we want to share that passion with you. We don't just sell the finest gemstones we like to inform and educate as well if we can.


Mbgemmes was established in 2003 in Paris, the world capital of jewelry with the famous Place Vendome where the greatest jewelers are present. Since 2022 we have opened a shop for the creation and sale of precious stones in Lisbon.


Having les meilleurs contact one of the largest gemstone markets on our doorstep as well as dealers from all corners of the earth, arriving every day, gives us a huge advantage in sourcing not only the finest gemstones available but also a remarkable range of different stones.

The busy market full our expert buyers and appraisers allows us to get the best possible prices, which we, in turn, can pass on to our customers.


We have quick access not only to rough and polished stones but also one of the best independent gemstone identification laboratories, Laboratoire Français de Gemmologie (LFG)